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Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Trans Sedona Experience
Sedona Hiking Tours

Are you trying to maximize your exposure to Red Rock Country in just one day? This adventure will take you on a one-way hike across Sedona to provide an experience that see's it all in one hike!! The best part is, this hike is mostly downhill and maintains a very manageable moderate difficulty for a wide range of athletic abilities. This hike will combine 6 trails together to literally traverse Sedona from above, while you experience the area's best natural red rock arches, fins, buttes, spires, and other unique sandstone formations. 

For this outing, we use two vehicles to drop you off at Long Canyon Trailhead and eventually end at Grasshopper Point in Oak Creek Canyon. Along the trail you will view Devils Bridge, Earth Angel Spire, Mormon Canyon, Airport Mesa, The Fin, Steamboat Rock, Tisha Spire, Mitten Ridge, Midgley Bridge, and elevated views of Oak Creek Canyon. 
The sky turning into a water-colored painting on a Sedona Hiking Tour through Red Rock Country.Taking time to learn about Sedona's animals and plants makes our Sedona Hiking Tours the best in Red Rock Country. Capturing some clouds in a reflection on a Sedona Hiking Tour above Red Rock Country.
Outing Includes
-Hydration Backpack
-Organic Trail Bars
-Two Sliced Organic Fruits
-Private Trail Picnic
-Healthy Wraps
-Resort Transportation
-Private Hiking Guide
-Red Rock Pass
-Trekking Poles

Duration: 6 Hours
Distance: 10 - 13.5 Miles
Elevation Change: 450ft/1,950ft
Difficulty: Moderate (Long Hike)
Sites Visited: 6 - 7 Trails Combined
Trails Used (Standard): Chuckwagon, Brins Mesa, Jim Thompson, Wilson Canyon, Oak Creek Vista, Allens Bend, Casner Canyon. 
Even the Horned Toads know were good people. This mellow fellow hung out with us during lunch on a Sedona Hiking Tour. Ascending South Wilson Mountain Trail en route to the highest point in Sedona on a Sedona Hiking Tour. A beautiful caterpillar that was hanging out with us on lunch during a Sedona Hiking Tour.Trails Used (Hard): Chuckwagon, Brins Mesa, Jim Thompson, Wilson Canyon, South Wilson, North Wilson Trail
Wilderness Area: Secret Mountain Wilderness
Hike Type: One-Way Hike
Best Season: All Year
Start Time: 8AM
Cost: $215/Hiker

Two Person Minimum

U.S. Forest Service Permitted Company: Coconino National Forest & Red Rock Ranger District of Sedona, Arizona.