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Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Sedona Explorer Outing
Sedona Hiking Tours

Explore a quick red rock summit, enjoy a romantic sunset hike, walk along Oak Creek, or check-out one of Sedona's best short hikes... Are you short on time, but looking to maximize your Sedona hiking experience? Follow us, and let's explore a Sedona classic!! With over 100 trails in Sedona, our guides will select a trail that's perfectly compatible with your groups interests and abilities. Just because you're short on time, doesn't mean you should see less. We've got it covered from here.. An experience you will never forget coming right up!! 
Our Sedona Hiking Guides will bring you to the most spectacular creatures in Arizona during our wilderness experiences.
Our Sedona Hiking Tours can show the most wild hikes in Red Rock Country.Do you like rainbows?! Let our guides show you the best photography in Sedona during your visit. Our Sedona Hiking Tours can show you the most adorable moments and best hiking trails in America.Outing Includes
-Hydration Backpack
-Organic Trail Snacks
-Resort Transportation
-Private Hiking Guide
-Red Rock Pass
-By Request: Trekking Poles

Duration: 2 Hours
Distance: 1 - 3 Miles
Elevation Change: Customized
Hike Type: In & Out/Loop
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Hard
Best Season: All Year
Trails Used: Customized
Sites Visited: 1 Hike
Start Times: 8AM/2:30PM
Cost: $90/Hiker

Three Person Minimum