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Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Sacred Summits Adventure
Sedona Hiking Tours

Are you looking for an adventure that mixes Native American Culture, heart-throbbing elevation, and some of the most impressive views in Red Rock Country? This experience will pass by some of Sedona's most impressive cliff dwellings as it takes you to Secret Mountain. The impressive solitude of this adventure, along with it's unique geology, makes it an immersive experience through one of Sedona's most beautiful canyons.  This trail will literally walk you from the uppermost edge of the Upper Sonoran Desert to the lowermost edge of the Colorado Plateau. The plants and animals of this area will change drastically along this 10 mile experience; allowing your an incredible opportunity to maximize your exposure to Sedona's Secret Mountain Wilderness and it's many animals. 
Hard to beat the unique desert beauty of Sedona's Red Rock Country. The most breath-taking red rocks in the World!!Enjoy an immersive connection with Sedona's most unique creatures and wildest places with our private guides.
Outing Includes
-Hydration Backpack
-Organic Trail Bars
-Two Sliced Organic Fruits
-Private Trail Picnic
-Healthy Wraps
-Resort Transportation
-Private Hiking Guide
-Red Rock Pass
-Trekking Poles

Inspired by the magnificent beauty of The Day Hiking Capital of the World!! Let us show you the secret gems and magic of Red Rock Country.Inspiring views from high above Sedona's Red Rock Country!! The most beautiful place in America for a day hike.Duration: 6 Hours
Distance: 10 Miles
Transport: 1 Car
Trails Used: Loy Canyon to Secret Mountain
Wilderness Area: Secret Mountain Wilderness
Hike Type: In & Out
Difficulty: Hard
Elevation Change: 2,000ft
Sites Visited: 1 Trail
Best Season: Summer, Spring, Fall
Start Time: 8AM
Cost: $215/Hiker

Two Person Minimum
Standing proudly above the creek in Sedona's Red Rock Country.

U.S. Forest Service Permitted Company: Coconino National Forest & Red Rock Ranger District of Sedona, Arizona.