Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Hiking Tours in Sedona - Sacred Canyons Loop - Sedona, AZ
Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Sacred Canyons Loop Outing
Sedona Hiking Tours

Are you interested in learning about the sacred history of Sedona and it's ancient native peoples? This outing will take you on an immersive 3 hour hike that walks from Long Canyon Trail to Deadman's Pass Trail to Mescal Trail. The adventure will circle Mescal Mountain and pass along two of the most sacred canyons in Red Rock Country. Views along the way will include native american cliff dwellings, Wilson Mountain, Maroon Mountain, Sacred Kachina Woman Spire, Doe Mountain, Bear Mountain, and Capital Butte. 

Our guides will bring binoculars to allow you to see the ancient architecture of the Sinagua People and learn about their impressive survival methods, medicinal plants, and unique cliffside desert lifestyles. Taking a loop for this adventure allows you to maximize your experience by never seeing the same things twice and the difficulty of the trail is manageable by all. This outing allows for great family photo opportunities, an engaging learning experience, child-safe hiking, and elevated perspectives without the physical challenge. 
Our Sedona Hiking Tours can take you into the most sacred places in Red Rock Country. Our Sedona Hiking Guides will help you elevate your Sedona hiking and spiritual experiences.
Outing Includes
Let our Sedona Hiking Guides introduce you to the most magical moments in Red Rock Country. -Hydration Backpack
-Organic Trail Bars
-One Sliced Organic Fruit
-Resort Transportation
-Private Hiking Guide
-Red Rock Pass
-Trekking Poles

Duration: 3 Hours
Our Sedona Hiking Tours will provide a bottom up perspective on Red Rock Country. Learn about our unique fungus, adapted desert creatures, and one-of-a kind plants that call Sedona home. The stoke is REAL!!! Let our Sedona Hiking Guides share the most exceptional places in Red Rock Country with you!! Our Sedona Hiking Tours will take you into paradise.Distance: 4.2 Miles
Transport: 1 Vehicle
Hike Type: One Way Loop
Trails Used: Long Canyon, Deadman's Pass, Mescal Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Change: 235ft
Wilderness Area: Borders Secret Mountain Wilderness
Best Season: All Year
Start Times: 8AM/2:30PM
Cost: $125/Hiker + Tax

Two Person Minimum

Our Sedona Hiking Tours will take you to the places where you can have the most profound experiences with Arizona wildlife. In some cases, it's all about perspective and seeing the World from the eyes of another... Let our Sedona Hiking Guides share their passion and unique lessons with you.

U.S. Forest Service Permitted Company: Coconino National Forest & Red Rock Ranger District of Sedona, Arizona.