Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Hiking Tours in Sedona - RRRD Permitted Outfitter - Sedona, AZ
Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Permitted Outfitter Guide
Red Rock Ranger District

Trail Lovers Excursions, LLC is a  U.S. Forest Service permitted company of Coconino National Forest and the Red Rock Ranger District in Sedona, Arizona. Our tours in Sedona are conducted on the Coconino National Forest, under permit by and in partnership with the Forest Service. Our Sedona based outings, take place only on sanctioned forest service trails, in permitted areas of Coconino National Forest. We are dedicated to educating our clients and other visitors about the importance of preservation and "Leave No Trace Ethics".  Similiar to the  US Forest Service, our mission in Sedona is "caring for the land and serving people."

Trail Lovers Excursions, LLC is a proudly permitted outfitter guiding service in Sedona's Red Rock Ranger District of Coconino County.