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Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Grand Canyon Travel Info
Adventure Cheat Sheet

For many of our clients, Sedona is only the start to their great Southwest adventures... With the majority of Red Rock Country visitors eventually making their way north into Grand Canyon South Rim, we thought to aid the planning process with an adventure cheat sheet to assist you in your travels through Canyon Country.

Below you will find maps, permit linkage, can't miss sites, directions, suggested hikes, food recommendations, and weather report linkage to help make your Grand Canyon South Rim experience unforgettable.

Our Sedona Hiking Guides, Jason & Derek, after finishing a massive vacation trip along Hermits Rest at GC South Rim.The Confluence where the crystal blue waters of Havasu Creek brilliantly swirl with the brown Colorado River.Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)
Looking up through a beautiful aspen forest at Arizona Snowbowl in October!!
There is one promise to your Grand Canyon trip.... You're gonna see some elk!! Keep you're eyes ready on the drive in and out.Backpacking Grand Canyon South Rim with great friends!! Always a special place to escape and find solitude and rugged adventures.
Nearby Sites & Complimentary Adventures for Day Trip

Nearby Day Trips from South Rim (Overnight at GC)

Driving Directions for Grand Canyon Day Trip

If you're staying at GC South Rim, you might consider making a 2 hour drive north to view Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ.
Favorite Above the Rim Hike 
  • Shoshone Point: We highly recommend using Google Maps to locate this site because it's unsigned and easy to miss. This hike is the most peaceful and beautiful above the rim "secret" trail at Grand Canyon South Rim.

Favorite Below the Rim Day Hikes

A cute young elk having lunch next to us within Grand Canyon National Park.Encinoso Falls in full flow during winter time on 89A in Oak Creek Canyon. This seasonal waterfall is usually bone dry for most of the year. Best Food Options (On Drive In)
  • Indian Gardens: We highly recommend grabbing breakfast and a picnic lunch here en route to Grand Canyon South Rim. They're open 7:30AM - 5PM Daily. Map It
  • Whole Foods: If you're off to an early start and will miss Indian Gardens, we recommend grabbing some sandwiches/wraps/organic fruit & veggies from Whole Foods in Flagstaff. Map It.

Best Food Options (On Drive Home)

Grand Canyon Weather

What to Do in Sedona?