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Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Classic Sedona Hiking Tours
Our Favorite Hikes in Red Rock Country

Our Sedona Hiking Tours can bring you to the most beautiful elevated views in Sedona. Join us for a Red Rock Country Classic Sedona Hiking Tour you will never forget!! Are you looking to create an epic day in Sedona? One which surpasses the "run of the mill" outings from Sedona's corporate tour providers?? How about something different from anything you've ever done before??? How about doing something harder, more unique, and privately customized than any other adventure available in Sedona????

Guess what, we've got your covered at all angles in creating an experience that will last a lifetime in Red Rock Country!! Our professional guides will help you reach new heights, go further, see more, and maximize your red rock exposure in the limited time you have in Sedona. We want to take you to places that everyone else will miss, and that most would think a helicopter would be required to access. 

Our Sedona Hiking Tours can take you high above Sedona to the Munds Mountain Wilderness. Join us for a Cactus to Clouds Outing to see all of Red Rock Country in one memorable Marathon Day.From our list of Specialty Adventure Outings below, you will find the best hiking tours in Sedona. Our guides will 100% Guarantee you love your experience with us. These hikes are not for everyone, and to some, they might in fact be too much. Our challenge to you, is to see how far you can go.... Create an experience in Sedona that will help you change your life, start a new path, resurrect your soul, or begin a new chapter that breaths positivity and good health. 

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