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The Best Easy Hikes in Sedona

         Easy Hikes
1) Fay Canyon Trail: Short and flat hike featuring the largest arch in Sedona (94ft). The path walks below Bear Mountain and it's towering walls are brilliantly painted with long streaks of desert varnish. The canyon was once home home to the Sinagua People and later was used for moonshining by local ranchers. Great place for a mid-day picnic on a warm/sunny day. Distance: 2.4 miles total/370ft. Time: 1.5 hours. Fees: Does not require a Red Rock Pass. Restroom: No. INFO/MAP
2) Crescent Moon Picnic Area: Great walk by the chilly waters of Oak Creek for sunset photography. Offers reflection pictures of Cathedral Rock in the glassy waters of the stream. Show up 1.5 hours prior to sunset for the best photos and your next family Christmas card. Any decent smartphone here, will turn you into a professional photographer--almost instantly. Distance: 1.5 miles total/50ft. Time: 1 hour total. Fees: $10 (Bring Cash)/vehicle. Restrooms: Yes. INFO/MAP
3) Wilson Canyon Trail: This awe-inspiring canyon hike will lead you below the highest peak in Sedona (Wilson Mountain--7,133ft) with magnificent views and unique red rock formations abundantly decorating the landscape. Best to hike in the early morning or two hours before sunset. Distance: 3 miles total/330ft. Time: 1.5 hours. Fees: Red Rock Pass. Restooms: Yes.INFO/MAP
4) Little Horse Trail: Great eastern facing views of the Twin Buttes and Chapel area along the trails mellow rolling hills. Outing crosses several other well-marked paths and ends at Chicken Point for elevated views of the popular Broken Arrow area. This region's had more than 60 movies filmed on site and helped epitomize the West in early movie culture. Distance: 3 miles total/350ft. Time: 1.5 hours. Fees: Red Rock Pass. Restrooms: Yes. INFO/MAP
5) Scheurmann Vista Trail: Named after the first family to produce wine and honey in the Sedona area. This trail offers breath-taking, elevated, south-facing views of Sedona with little overall effort. Serves as a great place to take sunset/sunrise photos and escape the crowds at more popular trails. Distance: 2 miles total/370ft. Time: 1.5 hours. Fees: Does not require Red Rock Pass. Restrooms: No. INFO/MAP

  Best Hikes in Sedona

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