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Trail Lovers Excursions - The Best Private Hiking Tours in Sedona
Welcome to Red Rock Country
The Day Hiking Capital of America

Hiking along the beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona's Red Rock Country. Are you ready to experience the best hiking in America?Are you ready for a Sedona adventure vacation you will never forget!? Don't get caught up with the crowds... Instead, how about a Sedona hiking tour through the most pristine, peaceful, and unique wilderness areas in Arizona? Prepare to be inspired by Sedona's mystical landscape and one of a kind red rock: spires, hoodoos, monoliths, natural arches, mesas, canyons, buttes, fins, vortices, and ancient volcanoes.

Whether you're a seasoned adventure athlete, or just looking for a mellow day in nature with your family... Our adventure outings can be tailored for ArchaeologySunsetsRomanceGroup ExperiencesDog Owners, Customized Hikes, and Unforgettable Classic Adventures!! Our guides are ready to help you create a custom experience, which matches your groups abilities and unique interests.  

Explore Sedona's best hikes, most off the beaten path trails, and let us show you the wild side of Red Rock Country. Our Sedona hiking guides will help you escape others, and stand epically above the most impressive natural monuments in Arizona. Even more, we'll help you locate remotely hidden canyons, or walk along the most magnificently lush creekside hikes in the entire Southwest!!  Our Sedona hiking adventures will teach you about: animals, plants, wilderness survival skills, ethnobotany, geology, geophysics, biomimicry, and the unique Native American histories that shaped Northern Arizona. 

View from the summit of Bear Mountain on our Half Day: Summit Bagger Outing. One of the best hikes in Sedona's Red Rock Country!!
Our hiking outings in Sedona, combine multiple hiking trails, use vehicle drops, one-way hikes, extended-loops, and can cover all four of Sedona's surrounding wilderness areas. Our backcountry adventures are respectfully led through Sedona's most seldom hiked and sacred places. 

Each of our private Sedona hiking tours is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Plus, each of our guides will teach "Leave No Trace Principles" and ensure the environment is not-only protected, but improved during our tours, so you'll have peace of mind knowing our company contributes to the environmental sustainability of Red Rock Country. 

So, get your pack on, lace up those boots, and get ready to do something epic with Trail Lovers today!!  Our adventure consultants are standing by!!

SAAAAAYYYYY hello to our little friend!!! Our Sedona Hiking Tours will take you into Sedona's wilderness to see the best hiking trails in Red Rock Country.Sedona Hiking Adventures

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We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.”  ~William Haz

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