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Sedona Hiking Tours
Explore the Wilderness of Red Rock Country 

Overlooking Brins Mesa Trail and Sedona's sacred Secret Mountain Wilderness.Join us for an epic Sedona hiking adventure you will never forget, and experience the best kept secrets of Sedona!! Let us show you the inspiring beauty of Red Rock Country's best hikes with the most highly-skilled and professional hiking guides in the Southwest. Our staff of Sedona rock climbers, canyoneers, trail runners, backpackers, and hikers will help you reach places seldom seen by other visitors.

With access to over 135 hiking trails and 250 miles of diverse hiking terrain, Sedona offers a plethora of outdoor adventures. Every year 1 million visitors explore Red Rock Country, while over 80% of them, use the same 10 hiking trails.  Our dedicated hiking guides show you the real Sedona--through experiences you once thought only possible for National Geographic photographers. 

Overlooking Sedona and the Secret Mountain Wilderness from Schnebly Hill Trail  on a Full Day Outing.Our Sedona hiking tours can utilize up to 32 different permitted trails and our guides can create over 200 unique hiking adventure combinations for your private group in Red Rock Country. Our guides have permitted access to more Wilderness hikes and overall adventure combinations than any other tour guiding outfitter in Sedona. 

Our outings will teach you about Sedona: geology, animals, history, geophysics, and medicinal plant uses. You will learn Hiking Survival 101, Primitive Survival Methods of the Southwest, Leave No Trace Ethics, and Orienteering to improve your skills in the outdoors.  Our guides will provide a hands on learning adventure that allows you to explore Sedona's best hiking trails and experience the sanctity of Red Rock Country.     

Private Adventure Pricing
The Best Hiking Tours of Sedona

Private Two Hour: Sedona Explorer
Overlooking Wilson Canyon Trail, Mitten Ridge, and Steamboat Rock from Wilson Mountain's First Bench. Available with our private Half and Full Day hiking adventures in Sedona, AZ.
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Distance: 1 - 3 Miles
  • Sites Visited: 1 Hike
  • Cost: $90/Hiker

Private Three Hour: Guided Expedition
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Distance: 3 - 5 Miles
  • Sites Visited: 1 - 2 Hikes
  • Cost: $125/Hiker
Peeking over the edge on Bear Mountain Trail. One of our favorite Half Day outings in Red Rock Country.
Private Half Day: Red Rock Excursion
  • Duration: 4.5 Hours
  • Distance: 5 - 8 Miles
  • Sites Visited: 1 - 3 Hikes
  • Cost: $165/Hiker

Private Full Day: Ultimate Sedona Adventure
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Distance: 6 - 9  Miles
  • Sites Visited: 1 - 4 Hikes
  • Cost: $215/Hiker

Private Marathon Day: Best in the West Experience
  • Duration: 7 - 10 Hours
  • Distance: 10 - 20 Miles
  • Sites Visited: 1- 6 Hikes
  • Cost: $250/Hiker

U.S. Forest Service Permitted Company: Coconino National Forest & Red Rock Ranger District of Sedona, Arizona.

Frozen scorpion along Bear Mountain Trail in Sedona, Arizona, during a sunrise Sedona Hiking Tour.  All Outings Include
Private Guide, Sedona Resort Pick-Up, Ice Cold Water, Healthy Snacks, Sherpa Services, and Trekking Poles

Required Outing Minimums
-Two Hour outings require a three-person minimum
-Three Hour/Half/Full Day outings require a two-person minimum

Welcome to Red Rock Country
Preparing for Your Adventure

Locations for Outings
All Sedona Hiking Tours begin and end in Sedona, Arizona. This is located about 1 hour and 45 minutes North of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

How to Reserve Your Outing
  • Availability:  Use our "Book Now" links to see our live availability for upcoming  private outings.
  • Advance Booking Required: To ensure availability, please reserve your outing as soon as possible. Outings can be reserved online and will require hikers to submit a deposit.
  • Outing Start Times: Our Sedona Hiking Tours start at 8AM or 2:30PM daily. For Two Hour, Three Hour and Half Day outings groups choose to start at 8AM or 2:30PM. For Full Day outings start times are limited to 8AM.

Meeting Place for Outing
  • Clients Staying in Sedona: Your guide will meet you at the front desk of your Sedona hotel/resort, 10 minutes prior to the start of your outing. If your group exceeds 4 people, please have your vehicle ready to carpool 15 minutes prior to your outing start time. 
  • Commuting from Phoenix/Flagstaff: Your guide will meet you at The Hike House Energy Cafe, 10 minutes prior to the start of your outing.
  • Carpool: Our guides drive vehicles capable of transporting up to four passengers. If your group exceeds four total people we will ask you to assist with group transportation by carpooling extra hikers in your own vehicle.  Please have your vehicle ready 15 minutes prior to your outings start time. 

All Outings Include
  • Private Guides: All of our outings are strictly private adventures; which provides your group with a highly customized and fully-engaged experience with their guide. Private outings ensure maximum group confidence, comfort, and performance.  Your guide will tailor your groups interests together to create a hiking adventure that you will never forget.
  • Osprey Hydration Backpacks: We provide each member of your private group with an Osprey hydration backpack, filled with filtered ice water, to ensure a comfortable experience through Sedona's arid desert wilderness.
  • Ice Cold Water: Our guides will have Yeti coolers with them to store food/drinks during the outing. We provide cold bottled water/electrlytes throughout the entire trip.
  • Healthy Snacks: During our Two Hour outings, our guides provide: trail cookies, trail mix, and nuts. Three Hour Outings include: sliced organic applies, trail cookies, trail mix, and nuts. Half Day outings include: healthy chicken or turkey wraps, two types of sliced organic fruit, trail cookies, trail mix, and nuts. Full Day outings include: a custom picnic lunch, two types of organic fruit, trail cookies, trail mix, and nuts.
  • Resort Transportation: Our guides will provide transportation for up to four group members during your adventure. If your group size exceeds 4 people, your guide will ask that the remaining members follow in a carpool. Your guide will provide any necessary parking passes and the carpool would be driving their own vehicle.
  • Sherpa Services: Our guides can carry all necessary gear, extra layers, camera’s, etc. during the outing. This will allow you to maximize your efforts and focus more on Sedona and less on your effort. 
  • Trekking Poles: We can provide trekking poles to your group at your request. Please make all requests for trekking poles while booking your reservation. 
  • Photography Assistance: Our highly skilled guides will happily assist with photography during your outing and offer suggestions for the region’s most breath-taking secret shots.

Sedona Weather
For information on Sedona Weather, 10-Day Forecast, and Sunset/Sunrise Times please follow the link